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com::martiansoftware::nailgun::NGSession Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Reads the NailGun stream from the client through the command, then hands off processing to the appropriate class. The NGSession obtains its sockets from an NGSessionPool, which created this NGSession.

Marty Lamb

Definition at line 39 of file NGSession.java.

Public Member Functions

void run ()
void run (Socket socket)

Package Functions

 NGSession (NGSessionPool sessionPool, NGServer server)
void shutdown ()

Static Package Functions

 [static initializer]

Private Member Functions

Socket nextSocket ()
void updateThreadName (String detail)

Private Attributes

boolean done = false
long instanceNumber = 0
Object lock = new Object()
Socket nextSocket = null
NGServer server = null
NGSessionPool sessionPool = null

Static Private Attributes

static long instanceCounter = 0
static Class[] mainSignature
static Class[] nailMainSignature
static Object sharedLock = new Object()

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