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NailStats com::martiansoftware::nailgun::NGServer::getOrCreateStatsFor ( Class  nailClass  )  [inline, private]

Returns the current NailStats object for the specified class, creating a new one if necessary

nailClass the class for which we're gathering stats
a NailStats object for the specified class

Definition at line 207 of file NGServer.java.

References allNailStats.

Referenced by nailStarted(), and shutdown().

            NailStats result = null;
            synchronized(allNailStats) {
                  result = (NailStats) allNailStats.get(nailClass);
                  if (result == null) {
                        result = new NailStats(nailClass);
                        allNailStats.put(nailClass, result);
            return (result);

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