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com::martiansoftware::nailgun::NGServer Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Listens for new connections from NailGun clients and launches NGSession threads to process them.

This class can be run as a standalone server or can be embedded within larger applications as a means of providing command-line interaction with the application.

Marty Lamb

Definition at line 42 of file NGServer.java.

Public Member Functions

boolean allowsNailsByClassName ()
AliasManager getAliasManager ()
Class getDefaultNailClass ()
Map getNailStats ()
int getPort ()
boolean isRunning ()
 NGServer ()
 NGServer (InetAddress addr, int port)
void run ()
void setAllowNailsByClassName (boolean allowNailsByClassName)
void setDefaultNailClass (Class defaultNailClass)
void shutdown (boolean exitVM)

Static Public Member Functions

static void main (String[] args) throws NumberFormatException, UnknownHostException

Public Attributes

final PrintStream err = System.err
final InputStream in = System.in
final PrintStream out = System.out

Package Functions

void nailFinished (Class nailClass)
void nailStarted (Class nailClass)

Private Member Functions

NailStats getOrCreateStatsFor (Class nailClass)
void init (InetAddress addr, int port)

Static Private Member Functions

static void usage ()

Private Attributes

InetAddress addr = null
AliasManager aliasManager
Map allNailStats = null
boolean allowNailsByClassName = true
Class defaultNailClass = null
SecurityManager originalSecurityManager = null
int port = 0
boolean running = false
ServerSocket serversocket
NGSessionPool sessionPool = null
boolean shutdown = false


class  NGServerShutdowner

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