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com::martiansoftware::nailgun::NGContext Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Provides quite a bit of potentially useful information to classes specifically written for NailGun. The NailGun server itself, its AliasManager, the remote client's environment variables, and other information is available via this class. For all intents and purposes, the NGContext represents a single connection from a NailGun client.

If a class is written with a

 public static void nailMain(NGContext context)

method, that method will be called by NailGun instead of the traditional main(String[]) method normally used for programs. A fully populated NGContext object will then be provided to nailMain().

Marty Lamb

Definition at line 46 of file NGContext.java.

Public Member Functions

void assertLocalClient ()
void assertLoopbackClient ()
void exit (int exitCode)
String[] getArgs ()
String getCommand ()
Properties getEnv ()
String getFileSeparator ()
InetAddress getInetAddress ()
NGServer getNGServer ()
String getPathSeparator ()
int getPort ()
String getWorkingDirectory ()

Public Attributes

PrintStream err = null
InputStream in = null
PrintStream out = null

Package Functions

 NGContext ()
void setArgs (String[] args)
void setCommand (String command)
void setEnv (Properties remoteEnvironment)
void setExitStream (PrintStream exitStream)
void setInetAddress (InetAddress remoteHost)
void setNGServer (NGServer server)
void setPort (int remotePort)
void setWorkingDirectory (String workingDirectory)

Private Attributes

String[] args = null
String command = null
PrintStream exitStream = null
Properties remoteEnvironment = null
InetAddress remoteHost = null
int remotePort = 0
NGServer server = null
String workingDirectory = null

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